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Welcome To Pug Home Lovers

Pug puppies for sale. Welcome to Pug Home Lovers. A home were Pugs are spoiled and treated as royalty! . Specializing in both standard and rare colored pugs. I’ve been working with pugs since 2009. My goal is to not only send home healthy happy pug puppies. But to improve the health issues within the breed. As well as the quality in the rare colors that have only begun to be worked with in the USA for a short number of years now. All our pugs have the standard features of facial wrinkles, double curly tail, black mask and black ears (except the white pug puppies and the black pug puppies). And make sure you get the best possible new family member you could ask for when you bring home one of my babies. All of our pugs are indoor family members. All of our puppies are raised underfoot in our home and have been vet checked prior to leaving us. They are all spoiled and well loved.

We don’t produce puppies on a large scale like some breeders, but instead, we are a small breeder and only do so for Pug quality – not quantity and for the love of pugs. We feel that with a few pug adults, breeding is more manageable and all our pugs can get the necessary care that they need to be healthy, energetic and happy. With this mindset, the pug parents’ and puppies’ needs can be attended to in a timely and consistent manner and not neglected. Therefore, we do not have puppies available all the time; and we definitely do not have puppies available every month like some large volume breeders do.

Pug Puppies For Sale

All of our pugs are AKC registered and come with AKC limited registration papers, dew claws removed, 1st and 2nd shots, and deworming. Our pug parents are DNA tested for PDE (pug dog encephalitis). All of our pug parents are on heartworm preventative medicine (except when the females begin their heat cycle, during pregnancy and during lactation), are up to date on their vaccinations and are wormed periodically.

All our puppies come with AKC or CKC (limited) registration papers, one year genetic health guarantee, five-in-one vaccination (canine distemper-adenovirus, type-2-parainfluenza-parvorvirus vaccine), 2 to 3 roundworm/hookworm treatments, vaccine/worming records, pug information sheet and a Royal Pug Pack that contains a collar, toys, blanket with their mum and siblings scent, current diet instructions/food sample, pug advice/care and MORE ! (items may vary) I look forward to bringing your new family member into your home.


Pug puppies , are a breed of toy dog that probably originated in China and was introduced to England near the end of the 17th century by Dutch traders. The pug has a short muzzle and a tightly curled tail. It is a squarely built, muscular dog, with a large head, prominent, dark eyes, and small, drooping ears. At maturity it stands 10 to 11 inches (25.5 to 28 cm) and weighs about 14 to 18 pounds (6 to 8 kg).

Pugs have been called the clowns of the dog world and were bred for one purpose, to be companion animals to humans. A Pug loves a good meal, a soft lap, and a soft pillow. They adore their owners and will often follow them from room to room. While they play with other Pugs, their true allegiance is to their human companions. They snort, snore, sneeze, and make lovely Pug sounds so you always know they are near.


Pug Puppies For Sale

1.) They Are Very Adaptive :

What’s great about pugs is that they are very versatile and adaptive.

  • Pugs are very adaptive.
  • They are great with small children and older people as well. They can live indoors and outdoors, and can adapt to an apartment, a house, the city or the countryside just as well.
  • They are suitable pets for people of all ages, which is one of their best traits.

2.) They Are Playful :

  • Pugs are very playful creatures. They love playing with other dogs, with humans or with their toys.

3.) They Look Awesome In Dog Apparel :

  • They are adorable to watch when they are in their playful, goofy mood, which never fails to brighten up your day and light up your mood.
  • For many, looking at dogs dressed in cute clothes usually does the trick.
  • While all dogs look adorable in dog clothes, pugs can look amazing in every conceivable outfit.
  • They always dress to impress. Whether funny, cute or awesome, “pugs in clothes” is always a popular thread on Tumblr and other social media.

4.) They are the perfect size :

  • Easier to manage, and transport , they take up only little space in the house. And cost alot less too feed.

5.) They Are Extremely Loyal:

  • Unlike people who can stab you in the back. Your pug will be your best friend and will give you unconditional love to the end.